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Exposed!! - How You can become Famous exactly like these sneaky Celebrities did!

Everyone knows that ghost writers are supposed to be secret, but did you know about these industrial stars that rose to stardom through ghost-writing? Find out more about these sneaky stars that became rich through ghost writers and how YOU can do the SAME. Ghostwriting.

Understanding the purpose of Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is a professional service in which a writer, known as the ghostwriter, is hired to produce written content on behalf of another person or entity, known as the client. Ideas are meant to be shared with the world, but sometimes, this is just not possible. Limitations such as lack of time, knowledge and expertise can stop you from transforming your ideas into an actual book. This is exactly why most people, including some famous, top secret celebs, use ghostwriters. Professional Ghostwriter’s, such as those here in The USA Book Writing, develop your ideas exactly how you want them to be, and provide you with a perfect, finished product that is ready for publishing, making your road to stardom much easier.

Why YOU should hire a Ghostwriter:-

Ghostwriters are not just anyone adding to your story. They are professionals who are trained to take your ideas, inputs and objectives and use them to design a tailor made product that is suited to all your needs. Here at The USA Book Writing, we even offer completely free changes, just in case the final product is not your style.

Ghostwriters are professionals that are trained to write books. Their vocabulary, transitions, ideas and skill is something that will definitely come in use when trying to elevate your own idea, manuscript or even a book. There is no harm in using the talent here at The USA Book Writing to take your book to the next level.

Many people also hire ghostwriters due to the convenience they provide. After hiring a ghostwriter, they do all of the heavy work for you, as they write, recheck, proofread and edit the entire product and return to you a final product, complete in terms of content and cover design. Many people do not have the time in their lives to write a full book, yet they have ideas that are meant to be shared with the world. If you are one of these people, you should check out ghostwriting services, such as those here at The USA Book Writing, as they have all the time, knowledge, expertise and skill that you may not possess.

Lastly, ghostwriters are notorious for being ghosts. They are completely invisible, and no one will ever know about the work that other people did on your idea, unless you choose to reveal it. The secrecy of having your idea elevated by others yet still being portrayed as your own is exactly why many people side with using ghostwriters. The anonymity that ghost writers provide is very convenient, especially if you are sure that the quality work that they produce will skyrocket you to stardom. It is necessary that you should receive all the credit for all your works and ideas, and that is where ghost writers come in. They enhance, transform and maybe even write your whole book for you while you do nothing and receive all the credit. However, this is not always the case, as you will read below.

Shocking Scandals of Writers getting caught with Ghostwriters

Even though ghostwriters are supposed to be kept secret, there are a surprising number of artists out there who not only use ghostwriters, but also credit them in their work. These stars openly admit to using ghost writers to enhance the quality of their work and openly use the work of others to get even more rich. Besides this, there have also been several shocking incidents in which writers have been exposed to having a ghost writer that assists them, leading to several controversies throughout the writing industry.

One of the biggest and most major scandals in the writing industry is that of the writer “James Patterson”. James Patterson is a beloved author by several americans due to his excellent writing capabilities, his genre-spanning books, his fast paced action and his unique style of drama. All of his unique qualities made him a household name and a must buy for anyone who wanted to jump into the plethora of novels that Patterson wrote.

However, when Patterson soon started releasing two to four book’s a year, people started getting suspicious. These were two to four full sized novels that required planning, in-depth researching, knowledge, manuscripts, typing, editing, proof reading and then finally polishing, It is difficult for an author to even release two fully made, prepared and edited book in one year, but Patterson had started releasing even more than that, sometime even double that amount. That is when people came to realize that Patterson had been using an entire team of ghost writers all along.

Patterson had been coming up with idea, pitching them to a ROOM full of young, aspiring actors and piggy backing off of their hard work and research for his own success. It is estimated that from the period of 2010 to 2019, Jmaes Patterson accommodated over $786 million US Dollars. This amount will likely increase by a further several hundred millions if we take into account the years after 2019 to present. Patterson’s use of such a huge amount of ghostwriters means that his books are not even written by him anymore, his name has become a brand to be used at the cover of every book. His work’s are proof that anyone can become wildly rich and famous using the use of ghostwriters.

Another major form of scandal that has been widely ignored by readers AND the literature industry is that of famous series such as Nancy Drew, The BabySitters Club, Hardy Boys, Goosebumps etc. These novels and comics have been utilizing ghostwriters for a long time, but have largely got ignored by the general public. Hardy Boys book comes out written by Franklin W. Dixon, however that name is only a pseudonym that several ghostwriters use as they all write the Hardy Boys stories. The same thing occurs with other famous brands, such as Goosebumps and Nancy Drew. As these series and comics become more and more famous, there is an increasing demand for fresh content that one writer can not keep up with. As these series achieved so much success, they ascended from a book series to a brand, and are thus maintained as a brand by several other ghostwriters.

This previous form of scandal, where the series becomes too big and transforms into a brand, also takes place in several other adult series as well. Ian Fleming’s James Bond and Rober Ludlum’s Jason Bourne books have all been made into a huge marketing brand and are now run by ghostwriters to supply the demand for fresh content. However, fans were unaware of this in several in several instances, leading to several outcry’s and the fans feeling like they got cheated out of the originality of the book they bought. However, this does not stop these brands from taking advantage of ghostwriters to become even MORE famous and rich,as seen as in the case above.

However, one of the BIGGEST lies told to the general public about perhaps the MOST FAMOUS piece of literature ever is about the legendary “I Have A Dream” speech by Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) was a towering figure in the American civil rights movement. Born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia, he emerged as one of the most prominent advocates for racial equality and justice in the United States during the mid-20th century. Dr. King was a Baptist minister and an eloquent orator whose impassioned speeches and nonviolent activism inspired millions of people around the world. His famous speech, titled “I Have A Dream” was the highlight of his career and the reason of him inspiring millions, yet not many know that MLK did not even write the speech himself. The speech talks about Martin’s dream of a free world where everyone would be treated equally, and in actuality, it was written by Martin’s speechwriter, which is just a more specific form of a ghostwriter. The speechwriter of MLK was Clarence Jones, who served Martin faithfully for 8 years, writing his speeches, including the world famous “I Have a Dream”. This speech became superbly famous, yet Martin’s ghost writer never got credit for his work, showing how anyone can profit off of ghostwriters.

Sneaky Singers getting caught red handed using ghostwriters

Despite several people thinking otherwise, the music industry has also seen its fair share of ghostwriting. When artists are not skilled enough, good enough or just don't want to write their own songs, they use ghostwriters to write their songs and then later perform them as their own. Although some singers own up to this, claiming that they do not need to write their own songs when they can sing, some blatantly lie and refuse to accept using a ghostwriter, leading to them being brutally exposed to the entire world.

A famous example of a singer using ghostwriters is that of American Idol, Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley, often referred to as the "King of Rock and Roll," was a legendary American singer and actor who rose to fame in the 1950s. While Elvis is primarily known for his iconic performances and distinctive voice, it's true that he didn't write many of his songs. Instead, he worked with talented songwriters and music producers who crafted hits tailored to his style and image. Elvis's charisma and vocal prowess brought these songs to life, making them timeless classics that continue to resonate with audiences worldwide. Elvis’s songs were played in every American household, making it obvious how much profit Elvis had made off of lyrics that were not his. Elvis is now one of the most famous singers, yet he piggybacked off of ghost writers, showing that it IS possible for anyone to do it as well. Elvis used trained ghostwriters as well, exactly the same as we do here at The USA Book Writing.

Another wildly popular singer, often termed “Queen Bey” due to her contributions to music, Beyonce has also been discovered by fans to not write her own lyrics in a surprising scandal that resulted in a humiliating settlement for the Queen. Beyoncé is an iconic singer, songwriter, and performer known for her powerful voice, electrifying stage presence, and groundbreaking influence on pop and R&B music. "If I Were a Boy" is one of her notable songs, exploring themes of gender roles and empathy. In the song, Beyoncé imagines how her life would be different if she were a boy, offering a poignant reflection on relationships and societal expectations. However, in a surprising twist of events, it was revealed that Beyonce had not only used a ghostwriter by taking an already written song, but she had STOLE the song from another singer called BC Jean. The controversy arose when BC Jean realized what had happened, and then fought to resolve it. There was drama everywhere, which ended in a humiliating arrangement between the Queen and BC Jean. Beyonce had to admit that the song belonged to BC Jean, and that she had taken it from her. Beyonce also had to perform a feature on BC Jean’s first album, although this feature never came out.